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Jun 23, 2021

Swat Kats: The Radical Squadron Episodes 3 and 12

The Pizza Cats weren't the only ones trying to draft off the success of the Ninja turtles, so this week we discuss all the mice, sharks, cows, toads, ducks and.... snails, that took their shot at it.

Then, we deep dive on AJ's personal pic of the litter, the Swat Kats....

Jun 16, 2021

Digimon Adventure Ep 37: "Wizardmon's Gift"

During out first trip to the Digital World, we weren't able to get AJ on the hype train for Saban's big anime success. So we figured we should just try again, and force him to like it! That ALWAYS works! Right?


The Samurai Pizza Cast is Andrew Power, AJ Moralas, and...

Jun 9, 2021

SPC Ep 49: "Quake, Rattle & Roll"

It's the final standalone episode of Pizza Cats! Jerry explores the evil of public transportation, and the gang is joined by Lucas from Elwood City Limits to discuss earthquake memories, Bob Vila, and the oxford comma.

Guest: Lucas Mancini from Elwood City Limits @ECLPodcast



Jun 2, 2021

Yatterman (1977) Ep 29: "The Shoot-out at the S'okay Corral"/ Yatterman (2008) Ep 03: "Let's Get the Demi Award for Moron, Koron!"

YATTA! Our Tatsunoko journey continues as we take a look at the never localized classic, "Yatterman"! Learn how this wacky anime influenced not only the Pizza Cats, but also everything from...