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Oct 28, 2020

SPC Ep 38: "A Mission in Manhattan"

It's those Cats on Broadway you've been hearing about! The Pizza Cats travel internationally (I guess?) to meet their non-union American equivalents! Who are, of course, Baseball Cowboy, Texan Zorro, and Frank Millar's Catwoman. Cheeseburgers and donuts for everybody! Plus, audible...

Oct 21, 2020

SPC Ep 37: "Bad Bird Uncaged (Part Two)"

Reports of Speedy Cerviche's death have been largely exaggerated! Our hero hikes the proverbial Snake Way to get stronger and defeat Bad Bird. We discuss the merits of "SWAT Kats". Spoiler warning for The Prestige, Black Swan, and King Lear for some reason. Probably some other...

Oct 16, 2020

SPC Ep 36: "Bad Bird Uncaged (Part One)"

Bad Bird is back baby! His soul searching and waterfall slashing is over, and he's looking for revenge! We however are more interested in the attractiveness of The Catillac Cats, and pitching Francine's new wave band. 


The Samurai Pizza Cast is Andrew Power, AJ Moralas, and...

Oct 7, 2020

Maya the Bee Ep 56 (69?): Home Sweet Home

We wind back the clock a bit to look at one of Saban's earlier anime efforts, Nippon Animation's Maya the Bee, in which we find a treasure trove of Pizza Cats voice actors, and only a small amount of nazis. We're just like Indiana Jones!

The Samurai Pizza Cast is Andrew Power,...